Explorative Study on the Political Participation of Young Women

The political landscape in Austria continues to be characterized by gender inequality. Moreover, recent surveys reveal discrepancies in terms of interest in politics and actual political participation among women: While girls and young women are interested in politics and political engagement, they are less able to picture themselves actually aspiring to political office.

Against this background, the current study commissioned by the Federal Chancellery aims to identify the reasons for this discrepancy by means of an explorative approach and to develop together with the target group (girls and young women aged 14 to 25) practical strategies for action to further encourage their political participation. The study thus does not stop at the collection of problem perceptions, but rather aims to work out options for action for supporting the active political involvement of young women and overcoming those barriers that have so far stood in its way. Subsequently, these options for action are to be promptly transferred to the practical level – for example, within the framework of the implementation of the ongoing project of the Federal Chancellery “Girls in Politics”. The following research questions were pursued primarily:

  • Why are young women less likely to picture themselves holding political offices?
  • What forms of political participation are common among young women?
  • What factors can be identified that can be shaped to further motivate young women for political participation?

These questions were addressed by using a mix of quantitative and qualitative research methods. In addition to a literature research and analysis as well as an explorative online survey of young women, which primarily served to record the current state of political participation among the target group, three workshops were too conducted. The workshops directly involved girls and young women of the target group in working out in a participatory manner practical recommendations for promoting their political participation. Subsequently, the research team further substantiated and prepared the developed recommendations for practical implementation.

Topics: Diversity and Inclusion, Gender, Labour Market, Social Issues
Tags: Frauen, Gender, Politik
Client: Federal Chancellery
Team: Flavia Enengl, Katharina Aufhauser, Lucas Meyer, Nadja Bergmann, Ronja Nikolatti
Status: beendet
from: 2023 to: 2023