The PES as driving force behind integration – labour market participation of women entitled to asylum: challenges, perspectives and equal opportunities

In 2015 14,413 persons have been granted asylum and further 2,478 persons subsidiary protection. Due to the specific dangers women and children have to face on the run, the proportion of women is relatively low with 35% respectively 21%. Because of that women are often only sidelined within current media and labour market related discourses. The integration of women with a migrant background in the labour market has demonstrably positive effects not only on them personally but also on the whole family. Therefore integrative measures should always include a focus on gender equality.
The current project should help to close this gap. Target group are women who have been granted asylum or subsidiary protection in 2015. Their situation should be examined and compared with those of men to identify positive and negative factors for a successful integration of women into the labour market.
Besides analysing existing data and documents there will be interviews with affected women and experts. Based on the results suggestions will be made to improve existing labour market related measures.

Topics: Gender, Labour Market, Social Issues
Client: Public Employment Office Austria
Team: Andreas Riesenfelder, Ferdinand Lechner, Lisa Danzer, Nadja Bergmann, Petra Wetzel
Status: beendet
from: 2017 to: 2017