Study to Examine Discrimination in Collective Agreements

Austrian gender pay gap is amongst the highest in the European Union. Studies
show that this can be traced back to various factors like the high female part-time
rate or the high amount of women working in low wage sectors. However, a high
amount of the gender pay gap cannot be explained by those factors and therefore
is related to discimination on grounds of sex.

results suggest that collective agreements are of great importance concerning
gender equality. Therefore, the study at hand aims at identifying direct od
indirect discrimination on grounds of sex
within 50 collective agreements. 10 of them will be examined more closely in the context of the equal pay check.

Social Research was working together with the German expert Dr. Andrea
Jochmann-Döll (GEFA Research and Consulting), who was involved in the
devlopment of the eg-check.

Tags: Diskriminierung, Kollektivverträge
Client: Federal Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs, Health and Consumer Protection
Team: Claudia Sorger, Lisa Danzer, Nadja Bergmann, Nicolas Pretterhofer
Status: beendet
from: 2019 to: 2020