Sexism in everyday life: attitudes and experiences in Tyrol

In Tyrol, the topic of sexism has been increasingly discussed publicly in recent years. In July 2020, 15 Tyrolean women’s organisations launched an appeal for dialogue on sexism and called in a joint declaration to “get involved and stand in solidarity”. Shortly afterwards, the Tyrolean parliament decided to commission a study on “Sexism in everyday life – perceptions and manifestations in Tyrol”, from which measures to improve the situation are to be derived.

L&R Social Research was commissioned to conduct this study in cooperation with MCI Innsbruck. Two approaches were chosen for the survey:

  • Firstly, focus groups will be conducted with Tyroleans. In this way, views on the topic of sexism, assessments of regional specifics and personal experiences can be discussed as well as recommendations for action at the political level.
  • On the other hand, an online survey will be conducted in which we will ask Tyroleans: What is your opinion on the topic of sexism? Have you had experiences with sexism in everyday life? Do you perceive disadvantages or discrimination based on gender? Or is it not an issue for you?
Topics: Diversity and Inclusion, Gender, Social Issues
Tags: Diskriminierung, Online-Befragung
Client: Tyrolean Provincial Government - Department of Society and Labour
Team: Claudia Sorger, Nicolas Pretterhofer
Status: beendet
from: 2021 to: 2022