Labour Supply and Demand in Vienna as well as Sector Portraits on the Skilled Labour Situation

In Austria and many parts of Europe, the labour markets are currently characterised by a shortage of labour. One of the decisive factors, the demographic development, means that the labour or skilled labour shortage will not only be a temporary but a longer-term phenomenon and will remain noticeable even in economically more difficult times.

While the shortage of skilled workers can be described as almost “omnipresent”, the determining and influencing factors are quite different and diverse in terms of sectors and occupations. Therefore, the approaches to solving the problem must also differ according to economic sector and be geared to the region.

For this reason, the establishment of a centre for skilled workers in Vienna – already planned in the Government Agreement 2020 – within the framework of which specific strategies and measures for securing skilled workers will be developed, is only logical.

The objective of this study is to develop the analytical basis and, building on this, possible fields of action and options for these strategies. Furthermore, the study should identify additional research needs or the need for data in the field.

The study is conducted in cooperation with KMU Forschung Austria.

Topics: Education and Training, Labour Market
Tags: Branche, ÖNACE, Sektor, Wirtschaftsabschnitt, Wirtschaftsbereich
Team: Daniela Hosner, Lisa Danzer, Nadja Bergmann
Status: beendet
from: 2022 to: 2023