Integration topic tolerance. Empirical study on personal attitudes of adolescents from third countries towards tolerance

The project researches social attitude of teenagers and young adults from third countries between 15 and 25 years of age. Participants were entitled to asylum or subsidiary protection (including humanitarian right to stay), or held a long-term residence permit for Austria.

Based on the results of the empirical survey, thought-provoking impulses and suggestions for integration measures werde made. In total, more than 1000 teenagers and young adults were questioned. Besides a standardized scale to measure social attitudes, various context variables will be surveyed to be able to locate results in the right context.
In order to complement the results of the questionnaire, oral interviews were conducted as well. During these interviews young people had the opportunity to talk more about their life situations and their views about tolerance and integration.

This project was conducted with the Association for Culture and Migration Research in cooperation with the Department of Sociology of the University of Vienna. It was co-financed by the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund and by the Federal Ministry for Europe, Integration and Foreign Affairs.


Topics: Social Issues
Client: Federal Ministry for Europe, Integration and Foreign Affairs
Team: Andreas Riesenfelder, Brigitte Stöger, Ina Wilczewska, Lisa Danzer, Petra Wetzel, Zoltan Peter
Status: beendet
from: 2017 to: 2019