#DigiKiga – ‘Martsmond’

Digital media play an increasingly important part of our daily life. This leads to children coming into contact with digital technologies at a very young age – for example, because they observe adults using them and digital devices such as smartphones or tablets in particular are omnipresent in their everyday lives.

The goal of the Martsmond – #Digikiga project was to investigate digitisation-related changes in the field of early childhood education and the associated requirements for early childhood teachers.

Specifically, the goal of the project was to find out what has changed in the everyday work of early childhood teachers, how they deal with digital changes and to what extent digital media have found their way into the everyday life of a kindergarten. Furthermore, the study investigated which competencies early childhood teachers should have in order to master digitalisation-related challenges.

The study was based on a qualitative research design. In addition to explorative, participatory observations in six kindergartens in the city of Vienna, qualitative interviews were conducted with early childhood teachers and experts from the field.

In addition to a detailed research report , a brochure for early childhood teachers was also designed, in which options for action to overcome digitalisation-related challenges in everyday kindergarten life are graphically illustrated.

The project was implemented in cooperation with MA 10 (City of Vienna Kindergartens) and funded by the Vienna Chamber of Labour.

Topics: Digitalization, Education and Training
Tags: Ausbildung, Bildung, digitale Kompetenzen, Digitalisierung, Elementarpädagogik, Kindergarten
Client: Chamber of Labour Vienna
Team: Daniela Hosner, Helga Reichert, Katharina Aufhauser, Nadja Bergmann
Status: beendet
from: 2022 to: 2023