Women with Disabilities in Vienna

There is hardly any current data or studies on the topic of women with disabilities in Vienna. Thus L&R Social Research carried out a study on the topic “Women with Disabilities in Vienna” on behalf of the Municipal Department 57 – Vienna Women’s Affairs (MA 57).

The focus of the study was the holding of 8 focus groups on the perspective of different groups of women with disabilities. It was about living conditions, experience of discrimination and social and political participation. Women with disabilities were involved from the very beginning as experts in their own cause: on the one hand their expertise was included in the content design and on the other hand they supported the project as multipliers for the implementation of the focus groups.

Topics: Diversity and Inclusion, Gender
Client: Vienna Municipal Council, MA 57
Team: Claudia Sorger, Nadja Bergmann
Status: beendet
from: 2018 to: 2019