Violation of compulsory education laws

The project at hand is concerned with those forms of violation of compulsory education laws which due to their nature have resulted in parents filing charges against their children.
Analyses of these extreme forms of school absenteeism, of the underlying motivation and backgrounds, were carried out based on 41 interviews with school principals and teachers as well as with social workers at 20 schools in Vienna and 18 schools in Lower Austria.

Among the central issues of these interviews were

  • the school representatives’ assessment of how the violation of compulsory education laws has developed in recent years, of corresponding approaches and possible forms of action as well as further suggestions for coping with this problem
  • a comprehensive illustration of cases of reported violation of compulsory education laws with detailed case descriptions (motivation, evolution, the student’s background, etc.).
Topics: Social Issues, Youth
Client: Austrian Federal Ministry for Education, the Arts and Culture
Team: Ferdinand Lechner, Nadja Bergmann
Status: beendet
from: 2012 to: 2012