Training network Belgrade

For the first time in Serbia, this project established and implemented a qualification network of a number of businesses. The qualification needs relevant for all of the participating businesses were identified in extensive preparation. In the framework of an approximately 18-month long programme, corresponding trainings were conducted which included participants from all or some of the businesses.

Another essential part of the project was the transfer of know-how to the Serbian employment market service. In a series of workshops, conferences and excursions, selected Serbian employment market experts were familiarised with the approaches and methods of qualification networks to enable the lasting integration of this instrument into the active labour market policy of Serbia.

The contractor was a consortium which consists of L&R Social Research, the Vocational Training Institute (BFI) Burgenland and the Institute for Economic Promotion (WIFI) Croatia

Topics: Development Cooperation, Education and Training, Labour Market
Client: Austrian Development Agency (ADA)
Team: Walter Reiter
Status: beendet
from: 2010 to: 2011