The EU Mutual Learning Programme in Gender Equality on Artificial Intelligence and Gender Biases in Recruitment and Selection Processes

On behalf of the European Commission, ÖSB organised a two-day “Mutual Learning Seminar” in November 2020 on Artificial Intelligence and gender bias in recruitment and selection of applicants. One official representative of each member country and one independent expert were invited. Nadja Bergmann was invited as an independent expert to the two-day event and wrote a short expert report with Nicolas Pretterhofer on the state of discussion on artificial intelligence and gender bias in the recruitment and selection of applicants.

While in some countries the debates here are already relatively advanced, in Austria they are still in their infancy, even though the explosiveness of the topic is becoming increasingly important here.

An overview of introductory background information as well as the results of the Mututal Learning Meeting and the short expertises for the member countries can be found here.

Topics: Education and Training, Gender, Labour Market
Tags: Bewerbungsprozess, EU, KI
Team: Nadja Bergmann, Nicolas Pretterhofer
Status: beendet
from: 2020 to: 2020