The 6th Viennese Diversity Monitoring 2023

The City of Vienna – Integration and Diversity has been regularly conducting since 2008/2009 the Integration and Diversity Monitoring. L&R Social Research was commissioned to conduct the 6th Viennese Diversity Monitoring in 2023.

The Diversity Monitoring analyzes how the implementation of diversity management measures in the departments or institutions of the City of Vienna has developed over time since 2008. The aim is to ascertain how the city’s administration is dealing with the increasing diversity of the population. This information is collected along the following key questions:

  • Are the services, products and measures of the City of Vienna adapted to the diverse needs of its residents in a needs- and target group-oriented manner?
  • How is diversity management anchored in the departments and institutions of the City of Vienna?
  • How is the diversity of the population reflected among the employees of the City of Vienna?

To investigate this questions, an online questionnaire that was already developed in the course of the previous survey rounds was used, after being supplemented and adapted accordingly. The online survey addressed representatives of selected departments and institutions of the city, which are characterized by high customer contact, a high number of employees or a high strategic importance. The three analysis dimensions “services and customers,” “personnel and competencies” and “organizations and strategy” were examined with a focus on diversity.

The summarized results of the Diversity Monitoring were compliled in an integrated overall report “The Viennese Integration and Diversity Monitoring 2023”, which was published in November 2023.

Topics: Diversity and Inclusion, Social Issues
Client: City of Vienna - Integration and Diversity
Team: Barbara Willsberger, Flavia Enengl, Nicolas Pretterhofer
Status: beendet
from: 2022 to: 2023