That’s how we live (II) – female industrial workers report about their lives

The study “How We Live (II) – Female Industrial Workers in Vienna” builds on a study by Käthe Leichter from the year 1930/31. At that time, 1,320 female industrial workers were interviewed about their working conditions and their conditions of household management and motherhood, thus documenting for the first time their multiple burden.
In the current study, the working and living conditions of female industrial workers in Vienna are again being closely examined. Based on the original questionnaire IFES carried out a survey (n = 337) and qualitative interviews (n = 9) among female industrial workers in Viennese companies in 2016.
L&R Social Research is analysing this data and in conjunction with statistics and other research results on the development of industrial work in Vienna compiling a report. To contextualize the results regarding the historical development and the current situation, experts from theory and practice are involved in the research.

Topics: Gender, Labour Market, Social Issues
Team: Claudia Sorger, Lisa Danzer, Nadja Bergmann
Status: beendet
from: 2017 to: 2018