Study on the social situation of artists in Austria

Only little is known about the living and working conditions of artists in Austria. There are no comprehensive current data available regarding their social situation in a broad sense, that is, regarding the living and working situation of men and women that work in the various fields of art in Austria.

The aim of this project, which was commissioned by the Federal Ministry for Education, Arts and Culture, was thus to draw a differentiated picture of the social situation of Austrian artists that focuses on the social, working and living situation of the individuals concerned.

The project consisted in conducting a survey amongst the artists of all the different fields of art. The questions focused on the different aspects that were relevant for the social situation of artists. In addition to the employment and income situation, the private/ family situation, aspects of social security, perspectives on the factors of training and further training, mobility and networks, and finally, above all, the artists’ contentment with their own situation were examined. In line, this study intended to reflect as accurately as possible the heterogeneity and complexity of this field in order to provide a comprehensive and up-to-date insight into the social situation of Austrian artists.

Topics: Labour Market, Non Standard Employment, Social Issues, Women's Issues, xxOther Topics
Client: Austrian Federal Ministry for Education, the Arts and Culture
Team: Gerhard Wohlfahrt, Petra Wetzel, Susanne Schmatz, Walter Reiter
Status: beendet
from: 2007 to: 2008