ResilianceWorks – Measures to Prevent Radicalization and Increase the Resilience of Young People in Programs for Labour Market Integration

Labor-market-integration programs bring employees in contact with young people that are facing multiple problems. In some cases, these can push young people towards group-related devaluation ideologies or into radical (online or offline) groups. Therefore, it is necessary to identify risk groups at an early stage and to strengthen their resilience against radicalization.

So far hasn’t been a well-founded survey or a quantification of the significance of the problem and approaches or methods of how trainers can improve the resilience of young people who are participating in one of their programs for labor market integration are rare. Therefor ResilienceWorks aims to obtain a more in-depth assessment of the problem of radicalization in core programs for labor market integration of young people (“Education and Training up to 18”), in which around 80,000 young people and young adults participate each year. Based on the results gathered through quantitative and qualitative research, various methods and approaches to increase the resilience of young people against radicalization are conceived, tested and optimized within experimental labs and finally provided as toolkits for practitioners.

The role of L&R social research in the cooperation was the conduction of the qualitative research.

The project was conducted in cooperation with: 

  • Niklas Hamann (SYNYO – project coordination)
  • Thomas Lankmayer & Sandra Riegler (IBE)
  • Elli Scambor & Moritz Theuretzbacher (VMG)

Public consumers:

  • Federal Ministry of Labour, Family and Youth
  • Federal Ministry of the Interior
Website zum Projekt:
Topics: Education and Training, Labour Market, Social Issues
Tags: Arbeitsmarktintegration, Arbeitsmarktpolitik, AusBildung bis 18, AusbildungsFit, gruppenbezogene Abwertung, Intersektionalität, Jugend, Jugendcoaching, Radikalisierung, Resilienz, Überbetriebliche Lehre
Team: Nadja Bergmann, Nicolas Pretterhofer
Status: beendet
from: 2020 to: 2022