Participation Digitization Monitor (ParDiMon)

In the discourse surrounding the digitization of the world of work, a great deal of hope is placed in workplace participation. Among other things, employee-interest-oriented actors hope that digital-technological work tools will be designed in terms of good working conditions by giving employees, works councils and trade unions the opportunity and right to have a say. In the course of a representative survey, the ParDiMon project is investigating whether evidence can be found in the population of Viennese employees that this hope is justified.

Are opportunities for participation in shaping the digitalization of the world of work related to good working conditions? Do employees also use any opportunities for participation in the sense of an ecologically sustainable design of digital-technological work equipment? Are there differences between different modes of participation in companies in this respect? How are opportunities for participation in the design of digitalization distributed and which resources favor participation?

These and other questions will be investigated in the course of the ParDiMon project. The findings can not only help to reveal the unequal distribution of opportunities for shaping digitization, but also, in the case of the successful identification of participation resources, to reveal possible levers for reducing the corresponding inequalities.

This project is supported by the Digifonds of the Vienna Chamber of Labour.

Topics: Digitalization, Diversity and Inclusion, Social Issues
Client: Chamber of Labour Vienna
Team: Lisa Danzer, Nadja Bergmann, Nicolas Pretterhofer
Status: laufend
from: 2023 to: 2023