Participation at a panel discussion and YouTube-projekt: “GirlsGoIT 2018 Annual Forum: Celebrating Achievements and The Future of Girls in Technology”

In November
2018 the annual “GirlsGoIT-Forum” in Chisinau, Republik Moldawien
took place. The Annual Forum brings together community of girls and partners to
celebrate the Achievements and The Future of GirlsGoIT programme, learn about
the inspiring stories that have led GirlsGoIT ambassadors (Girls) pursue
education, entrepreneurship and career in technology. GirlsGoIT programme
encourages girls and young women to go in the field of technology from a young age.

as well as the Annual Forum is supported inter alia by the Austrian Federal
Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs, Health and Consumer Protection and the
Austrian Embassy in Moldavia. L&R Social Research, too, supports the furhter development of the

Bergmann, L&R Sozialforschung, participated at the Annual Forum 2018 as
part of the discussion panel and in a YouTube-project to support the initiative.

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Team: Nadja Bergmann
Status: beendet
from: 2018 to: 2018