Labour market conferences of the Expert Academy

The Austro-Hungarian conference, which has been organised annually in Szombathely (West Hungary) since 1995, has in the meanwhile become the most important meeting for occupation and labour market issues in West Hungary and East Austria. Apart from the possibility of discussing current labour market and employment policy topics with national and international experts, these conferences are increasingly becoming a meeting place for political decision makers. For example in 2005, a personal meeting of Federal Minister Martin Bartenstein (Federal Ministry of Economics and Labour of the Republic of Austria) took place with Minister Gábor Csizmár (Ministry for Labour Policy and Work) and Minister Kinga Göncz (Ministry for Youth, Family, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities).

Topics: Gender, International Cooperation, Labour Market, Women's Issues
Client: Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Labour
Team: L&R Sozialforschung
Status: beendet
from: 2003 to: 2007