Follow-up evaluation of the “Digital Überall” workshops

The “Digital Überall” workshops as part of the “Digital Skills Offensive for Austria”, which is supported by four ministries (BMF, BMBWF, BMAW, BMKOES), follow up on the pilot phase of the “Digital Skills for All” workshops (October to December 2023).

The starting point of the initiative are, among other things, EU-wide analyses which come to the conclusion that basic digital competences are not universally available among considerable parts of the population. The digital skills offensive aims to ensure that by 2030 as many people as possible in Austria possess basic digital skills. A first step was taken with the “Digital Skills for All” pilot program. As part of the “Digital Überall” workshops (March to June 2024), two key topics will be continued and three new key topics will be introduced:

  • Digital senior education (continuation)
  • Digital official channels/ eGovernment (continuation)
  • Safety on the internet (new focus)
  • Living with increasing digitalization (new focus)
  • Artificial intelligence (new focus)

L&R Social Research was commissioned by the OeAD to evaluate the initiative. The main objectives are to shed light on the extent to which the workshops are able to reach the intended target groups in their diversity as well as on the contribution that these workshops made towards increasing basic digital skills in Austria. Based on these findings, further development possibilities are to be identified and approaches for the broad roll-out of the initiative are to be derived and reflected upon.

Topics: Digitalization, Education and Training
Client: OeAD-GmbH
Team: Daniela Hosner, Flavia Enengl, Lisa Danzer, Nadja Bergmann
Status: laufend
from: 2024 to: 2024