Feasibility study of a building academy in Albania

Construction activities in Albania remain behind expectations due to historical conditions as well as the effects of the economic crisis. Low working skills can be seen as one of the most serious problems of the construction industry in Albania.
Due to the fact that large-scale construction projects are conducted within the scope of consortiums consisting of international partners and as a consequence to be able to compete in the face of global competition, the demand of skilled workers in Albanian construction companies is increasing. According to this background a strong need for a training institute in the field of construction industry can be identified.
The feasibility study provides detailed knowledge of the framework conditions to build such an institution. In cooperation with Austrian and other European and international investors, local construction companies, social partners and the responsible public authorities L&R helps with the organisational structure and conducts accompanying measures like workshops and conferences.

Topics: Development Cooperation, Education and Training, Evaluation Research, International Cooperation, Labour Market, Social Issues
Client: Austrian Development Agency (ADA)
Team: Jürgen Grandits, Walter Reiter
Status: beendet
from: 2014 to: 2015