External Accompanying Evaluation of the “Healthy Barbers” Project

“Healthy Barbers” is a low-threshold community-oriented approach, which aims to support men’s hairdressers in acting as a hub for the mental and physical health of their mainly male clientele through training and networking offers. This is also intended to create a new approach to health promotion, which is sometimes difficult to reach.

The project team – a team from the MEN site of the Institute for Women’s and Men’s Health – is to be supported by means of an accompanying evaluation in defining evaluable project goals or success indicators, in creating measuring instruments, in checking these and in using them accordingly during the course of the project, so that – if necessary – any changes can be made so that the goals can be achieved.

The aim is to support the project “Healthy Barbers” in the context of an accompanying evaluation and to provide impulses or optimization potentials for its further development. The development of the concrete accompanying evaluation is to take place in close coordination with the project team and the men’s hairdressers are to be involved in the evaluation as low-threshold as possible.

Topics: Diversity and Inclusion, Gender, Social Issues
Tags: Frisör, Gesundheit, Prävention, Türkei, türkisch, Vorsorge
Client: Institute for Women's and Men's Health, MEN Site
Team: Lisa Danzer, Nadja Bergmann
Status: laufend
from: 2023 to: 2024