Extension of PES Service for Companies in order to Raise the Percentage of Vacancies notified to the PES

The percentage of vacancies notified to the PES of Burgenland is below the Austrian average.

In order to raise the percentage, a survey was carried out among companies to get information about their support needs. The survey included companies which are either clients of the PES Burgenland or have been clients before or had never been clients of the AMS Burgenland.

The results are the basis for the development of an action plan to extend the company service of the PES Burgenland.

Editor of the publication: Wien, L&R Sozialforschung
Topics: Labour Market
Client: Public Employment Office Burgenland
Team: Ferdinand Lechner, Peter Prenner, Petra Wetzel
Status: beendet
from: 2006 to: 2006