Evaluation of the Project ‘Individual Study Support for Students with Impairments’ (ISU)

The project ISU has been initiated by the “Team Barrierefrei” (University of Vienna) as a result of a successful application for funding for innovative projects within Higher Education (HRSM-Mittel) from the Federal Ministry for Education, Science and Research (BMBWF). Together with the Teacher Training College Lower Austria (PH NÖ) as a cooperation partner, it has been tested, how a special format of individual support for students with impairments could look like and work. Therefore, student teachers with the study focus on inclusive education (special focus: impairments), have been prepared for their tasks as individual supporters within one seminar/semester, to be ready to support students with impairments in the subsequent semester individually or in small groups. The project ISU aims to increase equal opportunities and inclusion for students with motoric, mental, learning and sensory impairments, autistic perception and chronic conditions.

The conducted evaluation aims at the presentation of achievements and challenges as well as necessary adaptions and optimization possibilities regarding the project. The product of the evaluation is a report which can be used as a basis of decision-making in context of accessibility within Higher Education.


  • Guided interviews
  • Group discussions
  • Analysis of e-mail feedback
  • Analysis of course evaluations
Topics: Education and Training, Social Issues
Tags: aktuelle Forschung, Beeinträchtigung, Menschen mit Behinderung, Student, Universität
Client: University of Vienna
Team: Andreas Riesenfelder, Helga Reichert
Status: beendet
from: 2019 to: 2020