European Conference: Transition from Initial Vocational Training into stable Employment

European Conference, prepared by INBAS Frankfurt in cooperation with L&R Social Research and the Network on Transitions in Youth

Lecturer: Ferdinand Lechner

Authors of the state report: Ferdinand Lechner, Lucia Minecan, Barbara Willsberger

Client: European Commission and Federal Institute for Labour, Nürnberg

The objectives of the conference have been twofold: On the one side, the conference was initiated to create a platform for an exchange of experience about the “second stage” issue. On the other side, it should contribute to the dissemination of successful approaches within the different Member States by compiling a comprehensive documentation of “lessons learned”. As a basis for the topic L&R Social Research has prepared a state report about the “second stage” issue which is included in the conference documentation. In addition an impulse lecture was held in the workshop “Possibilities to create additional jobs: Entrepreneurship, local employment initiatives etc. – Experiences from Austria, France, Spain and Great Britain”.

Topics: Education and Training, Labour Market, Youth
Status: beendet
from: 1999 to: 1999