ELEMeNT – Elementary Educators Learning the Development of Media with New Technologies

ELEMeNT supports pupils in their elementary education in recognising and developing existing digital competences. By promoting digital learning experiences, offering individual spaces to explore digital competences in a playful way and to develop solutions themselves, the pupils build up digital competences. The pupils can then use these skills in their everyday work with children and pass them on.

The focus is on 20 participatory workshops with pupils in five participating educational institutions for elementary education (BAfEPs). In addition, accompanying consultation hours are offered to support the pupils in the independent development of digital projects (e.g. creation of podcasts, videos or ideas for a digital game) between the workshops.

This project is carried out in cooperation with Elisabeth Günther and Selina Gartner from the University of Vienna / Centre for Teacher Education.

Website zum Projekt: https://element-bildung.at/
Topics: Digitalization, Education and Training, Gender, Labour Market
Tags: Bildung, Lehrer, Qualifizierung, Schule, Schüler
Client: Federal Chancellery - Section III for Women's Affairs and Gender Equality
Team: Barbara Willsberger, Claudia Sorger, Nadja Bergmann, Ronja Nikolatti
Status: laufend
from: 2022 to: 2023