Consulting for the Albanian Institute for Economic Promotion (reporting, calculation, accounting)

The Albanian Institute for Economic Promotion is implementing the project “Consolidation of vocational training in welding in Albania” in the framework of the economic partnerships of the Austrian Development Agency (ADA). L&R Social Research was commissioned by the Albanian Institute for Economic Promotion to provide consulting and support in drafting the reports that have to be submitted to the ADA. The consulting involves drafting of technical and financial reports.

The consulting in the field of technical reports involves the following tasks:

  • Complete drafting of a technical report

  • Connection between funding proposal and technical report

  • Examining indicators and assessing them in terms of compliance or non-compliance

  • Description and justification of delays in the progress of the project

  • Relation with financial report

The consulting in the field of financial reports involves the following tasks:

  • Explanation of Austrian eligibility rules, e.g. cost categories, account of real costs, personnel and overheads, calculation of overhead costs, driver’s log and kilometre allowance, invoices etc.

  • Consulting concerning invoice sorting and invoice filing to ensure a time-saving drafting of the financial reports

  • Specific project-related questions, e.g. concerning conversion problems, description of travel expenditures and their eligibility for funding, daily allowance, choosing a suitable tax accountant

As the consulting is carried out by a single entity, the necessary relationship between the technical and financial reports can be optimally addressed.

In the context of the consulting, it is ensured that the reporting is carried out correctly and in compliance with the complex Austrian eligibility rules, that the donor receives the reports on time and that the payments can be made in due time.

A detailed initial consulting took place locally at the Institute for Economic Promotion in Albania. Further consulting can take place locally as and when required.

Topics: Labour Market
Team: Sigrid Köhl, Walter Reiter
Status: beendet
from: 2014 to: 2014