Change! Mobility Change in Minds – User-oriented Management of Transition Processes

By now it is an established fact that without innovative and effective measures, we are not going to reach internationally established climate goals. Moreover, the new report on mobility of the Austrian Umweltbundesamt (“Sachstandbericht Mobilität”) meticulously proves that technological innovations alone will not suffice to change this situation. Rather, we need a change in everyday mobility routines, which however cannot only be restricted to the citizens, but will also have to include the governance of the mobility infrastructure.

The goals of this project are to arrive at a deepened understanding of possible and effective steering mechanisms on mobility patterns. These include:

  • potential of push and pull measures for a mobility transition,
  • user requirements regarding mobility and its quality in the context of digitalisation,
  • chances and risks of different communication and decision-making processes of state and private actors, participatory processes et cetera.

The project is conducted in cooperation with:

  • Edeltraud Haselsteiner I URBANITY
  • Harald Frey, Barbara Laa I TU-Wien, Institut für Verkehrswissenschaften, Forschungsbereich für Verkehrsplanung
  • Peter Biegelbauer I Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH

The project is funded in the context of the programme “mobility of the future” by the Austrian Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology and the Austrian Research Promotion Agency.

Website zum Projekt:
Topics: Sustainability
Tags: Klima, Mobilität, Mobilitätswende, nachhaltig, Verkehr
Team: Lisa Danzer, Nadja Bergmann, Petra Wetzel
Status: beendet
from: 2019 to: 2020