Building Capacities in the Danube Region

In most SEE countries there are problems concerning the qualification of young and also elderly unemployed, the know-how and the funding possibilities for the restoration of old buildings. Therefore these buildings cannot be used for tourism strategies. Additionally employees of local administrations and project providers do not have the know-how within the field of EU-funds.

Therefore the project combined different levels of capacity building:

  • To provide unemployed youth and elderly workers with vocational qualification in the construction and restoration sector based on the experiences of a model project in Moldova to renovate historical buildings in Baile Herculane and prepare them for touristic purposes.
  • To develop strategies for further touristical use of these renovated historical buildings and centres.
  • A capacity building component on the meta level: A special branch of study to qualify administrative staff of SEE countries in using EU-funds was implemented.
Topics: Development Cooperation, Education and Training, EU-Programs, Evaluation Research, International Cooperation, Labour Market, Social Issues
Client: EuroVienna EU-consulting and management GmbH
Team: Barbara Willsberger, Walter Reiter
Status: beendet
from: 2015 to: 2015