Analysis of matching processes within the scope of the study Location factor qualification – Vienna

In the scope of this work package, L&R Social Research conducted continuative analyses of the Mismatch-Complex of problems between people looking for an employment relationship and the offer of open positions in Vienna. The emphasis of the analyses was placed on the search for possible explanations and backgrounds for the simultaneous increase of the vacancy rate and the unemployment rate in the federal state of Vienna.

The methodological level offered an innovative link of mediation relevant data of the Employment Market Service with longitudinal data of the Main Association of Austrian Social Security Institutions. The benefits of this method were the large case number (an analysis of the population parameters of employment seekers and the jobs offered during the past years) and the opportunity to directly research matching processes. This method allowed exact information about which group of people have not taken part in the matching process in this case.

This analysis, based on the registry data of the employment market service, for the first time allowed to create exact explanation models, which prove the parallel increase of the vacancy quota and the unemployment quota (which is published on a regular basis, based on the registry data).

Within this setting a number of questions for the Vienna region was examined:

  • Mismatch due to qualification
  • Mismatch due to salary
  • The context of the individual employment career
  • The seasonal mismatch
  • Vocation
Topics: Aging, Education and Training, Labour Market, Non Standard Employment, Social Issues, Women's Issues, Youth
Client: Vienna Employment Fund (WAFF)
Team: Andreas Riesenfelder
Status: beendet
from: 2008 to: 2008