Social Issues

Socio-political measures – taken by both the state and by enterprises – with the goal of improving the economic and social situations of different societal groups have always been the subject of controversial discussion. L&R Social Research brings arguments based on evidence into those discussions.

Changes to socio-economic framework conditions of post-industrial economic and social structures such as atypical work, in-work poverty, declining relevance of the male breadwinner model or insufficient framework conditions to reconcile family and work are constantly challenging the welfare state.

L&R Social Research assists in finding solutions to these challenges by analysing the organisation, regulation and financing of socio-political measures across different fields of politics (such as social assistance, passive and active labour market policies and family policy) and their results and effects in the context of social inequality, exclusion and poverty risk for diverse groups of people.

Current studies include the following fields and target groups:

  • measures / fields:
    • social assistance, means-tested minimum income, assistance to the homeless, childcare allowance, passive and active labour market policies, health & care, pension system
    • regulation of the working world, minimum wage
  • specific groups:
    • women, jobseekers & unemployed persons, (atypical) work, people with disabilities, artists, migrants.
Recent Projects on this topic
Raising the Labour Force Potential of Women with Childcare Responsibilities in the Province of Carinthia
Participation Digitization Monitor (ParDiMon)
External Accompanying Evaluation of the "Healthy Barbers" Project
Explorative Study on the Political Participation of Young People
Re-entry Monitoring in Austria and the Nine Provinces, 6th Version
Smombie ("Smartphone Zombie) in the Fake News Bubble? Digital Participation and Critical Media Competence of (Educationally) Disadvantaged Young People
The 6th Viennese Diversity Monitoring 2023
Measuring the Gender Equality Impact of PES Measures
Demand for and expansion of childcare in Tyrol and Salzburg
Establishment of a Competence Centre for Social Innovation
Double Fragility: The Care Crisis in the Corona Crisis
Completed Projects
Accompanying Evaluation U25 - Viennese Youth Support
Re-entry Monitoring 2022: Impact of the Covid Crisis and Longer-Term Trends
30 Years of Free Movement of Workers
Prohibited Work and Continued Payment under the Maternity Protection Act (MSchG) and the Provincial Labour Act (LAG)