Resources, chance and social recognition are distributed inequally along the classification of gender. Researching this inequality has been one of the main focuses of L&R Social Research since the institute was founded in the 1990s. Gender mainstreaming, basic and applied science on gender topics and critical men’s studies are just some of the aspects addressed.

L&R has specialised in research projects addressing the intersection of gender and labour. Some examples of research fields in this area are listed here:

  • gender pay gap and gender time gap
  • inequal distribution of wage- and reproduction labour
  • discrimination in the workplace
  • horizontal and vertical segregation of labour markets
  • outcomes of digitalisation processes for women and men

The practical relevance of projects within this area is essential to implement gender-sensitive change. In addition to research activities, concrete development and consulting projects are also carried out.

Recent Projects on this topic
Conceptual Preparation of the Gender Equality Priority Axis
Prohibited Work and Continued Payment under the Maternity Protection Act (MSchG) and the Provincial Labour Act (LAG)
Key Factors Influencing Young Women's Educational and Career Choices in STEM Fields
Demand for and expansion of childcare in Tyrol and Salzburg
"More Women* in the Rail Industry!" - Quantitative Analysis and Qualitative Exploration of Existing Barriers and Starting Points
DigiTyps - De-stereotyping of Job Profiles and Training Concepts in the Digital Transformation
Establishment of a Competence Centre for Social Innovation
Double Fragility: The Care Crisis in the Corona Crisis
Hidden Technological Work: Looking for Service-4.0-Pioneers
More Women into the Technical Field, but How? Inspecting Initiatives to Raise the Share of Women in Technical Occupations
Re-entry monitoring in Austria and the nine provinces, 5th Version
Talk about IT! To Design Digitalisation Participatory: Gender-appropriate and Diverse
Women - Digitalisation - Options for Action
The EU Mutual Learning Programme in Gender Equality on Artificial Intelligence and Gender Biases in Recruitment and Selection Processes
Lecture on "Gender, Digitalisation, Labour Market" in the Context of the German-Chinese Symposium "Gender and Future of Work"
Parents@Work: Changing Perceptions!
Completed Projects
Sexism in everyday life: attitudes and experiences in Tyrol
Evaluation of the Employment Careers of Female FiT Graduates ("Women in Crafts and Technology") in Austria
Reconciling Work & Caring Responsibilities Among Film and Music Professionals: Status Quo and Perspectives for Action
Evaluation of the Counselling and Care Facilities in Burgenland
E-learning Under the 'Equality Glasses'