Education and Training

The broad field of education and training includes initial education, classical apprenticeship training, supplementary education (in the context of education and training until the age of 18 such as inter-enterprise apprenticeship training), tertiary education and (vocational) lifelong training.

Within this field, research activities of L&R Social Research focus on vocational aspects of education and training as well as the integration of youth and young adults into the labour market upon graduation.

Additional topics included in this research area are:

  • evaluation of approaches in compensating disadvantages in the labour market incurred by specific groups via training and education
  • operational qualification needs of employers and enterprise perspectives
  • effects of funding programmes concerning specific qualifications on participant careers
  • changes in requirements regarding qualification and training in the context of digitalisation

Besides evaluating programmes and exploring training needs, L&R Social Research creates different development and consulting projects such as the development of Labour Foundations.

Recent Projects on this topic
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Establishment of a Competence Centre for Social Innovation
EU Strategy for the Danube Region (EUSDR) - People and Skills
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Completed Projects
Accompanying Evaluation U25 - Viennese Youth Support
Labour Supply and Demand in Vienna as well as Sector Portraits on the Skilled Labour Situation
Educational and career choices of young women: MINT (STEM) the Gap!
ResilianceWorks - Measures to Prevent Radicalization and Increase the Resilience of Young People in Programs for Labour Market Integration
Overview of Support Services for Skilled Workers in Vienna