Work, Labour Markets and Labour Market Policy

Standard employment contracts are becoming obsolete, the employment rate is significantly lower than in the 70s and there are increasing signs of a post work society. Nevertheless, Austria’s society can still be characterised as one that is work-oriented. Paid work enables social participation and plays a vital role in the daily lives of wage-earners. L&R Social Research specialises in exploring this central societal sphere focusing on following:

  • changes in the working world
  • precarious work
  • gender inequality in the working world

How do technological changes influence daily work routines of employees? What impacts will increasing precarious work have on affected workers? How do those changes affect existing gender inequality? Finding answers to these questions is what L&R Social Research does.

Changes occurring in the working world have to always be seen as the result of the combined influences of employees, enterprises, social partners and politics. Therefore, L&R Social Research wants to highlight opportunities to shape the changes in the working world and to analyse the results of those shaping approaches from the perspective of all participants involved.

Additionally, research activities in this field explore the effects of labour market-related measures and programmes including analyses of impacts on employment and fiscal effects of funding instruments and programmes. Results of such evaluations provide the basis for optimal labour market policy intervention.

Recent Projects on this topic
Raising the Labour Force Potential of Women with Childcare Responsibilities in the Province of Carinthia
Contribution with impact: Participation of employees in elementary ecudation
Support for the Survey on "Sexual Harassment in the Workplace in Vienna's Catering Industry"
Monitoring Evaluation of the Training Initiative for Working Women 2023
Re-entry Monitoring in Austria and the Nine Provinces, 6th Version
Compilation of figures, data and facts on the topic of gender equality in Austria
Conceptual Preparation of the Gender Equality Priority Axis
Evaluation TrainingFit (AFit) and pre-Module
ELEMeNT - Elementary Educators Learning the Development of Media with New Technologies
Demand for and expansion of childcare in Tyrol and Salzburg
Establishment of a Competence Centre for Social Innovation
Double Fragility: The Care Crisis in the Corona Crisis
EU Strategy for the Danube Region (EUSDR) - People and Skills
Upgrade Labor Market Policy Moldova
Feasibility study of a career development centre in Libya
Completed Projects
Explorative Study on the Political Participation of Young Women
Measuring the Gender Equality Impact of PES Measures
Evaluation of Labour Law Regulations on Home Office "Home Office Package of Measures 2021"
Educational and career choices of young women: MINT (STEM) the Gap!
Accompanying Evaluation U25 - Viennese Youth Support