Ongoing Projects
Smonbie ("Smartphone Zombie) in the Fake News Bubble? Digital Participation and Critical Media Competence of (Educationally) Disadvantaged Young People (2022-2024)
Accompanying Evaluation U25 - Viennese Youth Support (2021-2023)
Establishment of a Competence Centre for Social Innovation (2021-2023)
Demand for and expansion of childcare in Tyrol and Salzburg (2022-2023)
ResilianceWorks - Measures to Prevent Radicalization and Increase the Resilience of Young People in Programs for Labour Market Integration (2020-2022)
Double Fragility: The Care Crisis in the Corona Crisis (2021-2022)
EU Strategy for the Danube Region (EUSDR) - People and Skills (2020-2022)
DigiTyps - De-stereotyping of Job Profiles and Training Concepts in the Digital Transformation (2021-2022)
Evaluation of the Counselling and Care Facilities in Burgenland (2021-2022)
Reconciling Work & Caring Responsibilities Among Film and Music Professionals: Status Quo and Perspectives for Action (2021-2022)
Evaluation of the Employment Careers of Female FiT Graduates ("Women in Crafts and Technology") in Austria (2021-2022)
Login Instead of Logout - Focus on Older Workers and Digitalisation (2021-2022)
Sexism in everyday life: attitudes and experiences in Tyrol (2021-2022)
"More Women* in the Rail Industry!" - Quantitative Analysis and Qualitative Exploration of Existing Barriers and Starting Points (2022)
Overview of Support Services for Skilled Workers in Vienna (2022)
Industry Spotlight on Educational Offers of Austrian Standards (2022)
Living Conditions of People with Disabilities in Vienna (2020-2021)
Parents@Work: Changing Perceptions! (2019-2021)
European Social Fund (ESF) (2019-2021)
Women - Digitalisation - Options for Action (2020-2021)
Evaluation of Offers for Persons Re-entering the Labour Market due to Parental Leave (2020-2021)
Re-entry monitoring (2020-2021)
Company Survey as part of the "DigiUP4.0" Project (2020-2021)
DIGI-O: Offensive for New Work through Digitization in the Austrian-Hungarian Border Region (2021)
The 'Digi-Winner' Promotion and Perspectives of the Continuing Education Market in Vienna (2021)
Evaluation EURES (2020-2021)
Equal opportunities for women with disabilities on the labour market. Obstacles - Challenges - Solutions (2019-2020)
Completed Projects by Year
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