Ongoing Projects
Smonbie ("Smartphone Zombie) in the Fake News Bubble? Digital Participation and Critical Media Competence of (Educationally) Disadvantaged Young People (2022-2024)
External Accompanying Evaluation of the "Healthy Barbers" Project (2023-2024)
GEQ-AT Gender Equality and Quality of Life (2022-2024)
Raising the Labour Force Potential of Women with Childcare Responsibilities in the Province of Carinthia (2023-2024)
Establishment of a Competence Centre for Social Innovation (2021-2023)
"More Women* in the Rail Industry!" - Quantitative Analysis and Qualitative Exploration of Existing Barriers and Starting Points (2022-2023)
Demand for and expansion of childcare in Tyrol and Salzburg (2022-2023)
Conceptual Preparation of the Gender Equality Priority Axis (2022-2023)
The 6th Viennese Diversity Monitoring 2023 (2022-2023)
Measuring the Gender Equality Impact of PES Measures (2022-2023)
Participation Digitization Monitor (ParDiMon) (2023)
ELEMeNT - Elementary Educators Learning the Development of Media with New Technologies (2022-2023)
Evaluation TrainingFit (AFit) and pre-Module (2022-2023)
Upgrade Labor Market Policy Moldova (2019-2023)
Explorative Study on the Political Participation of Young People (2023)
Re-entry monitoring (2023)
Double Fragility: The Care Crisis in the Corona Crisis (2021-2022)
EU Strategy for the Danube Region (EUSDR) - People and Skills (2020-2022)
Completed Projects by Year
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