Establishment of a Competence Centre for Social Innovation (PDF-Download / 2023)
Lecture at the 7th Vocational Training Research Conference (BBFK) on the Topic of Digitalisation from a Gender Perspective (Link / 2021)
Women - Digitalisation - Options for Action (Link / 2021)
Hidden Technological Work: Looking for Service-4.0-Pioneers (Link / 2021)
Hidden Technological Work: Looking for Service-4.0-Pioneers (PDF-Download / 2021)
Parents@Work: Changing Perceptions! (PDF-Download / 2021)
The EU Mutual Learning Programme in Gender Equality on Artificial Intelligence and Gender Biases in Recruitment and Selection Processes (PDF-Download / 2020)
Lecture on "Gender, Digitalisation, Labour Market" in the Context of the German-Chinese Symposium "Gender and Future of Work" (PDF-Download / 2020)
Dynamics in vocational training? Possible ... Dynamics in the field of gender segregation? Please wait ... (Link / 2019)
Effects on gender equality of services of the Public Employment Service Austria (PDF-Download / 2019)
Women with Disabilities in Vienna (PDF-Download / 2019)
Presentation of the study: This is how we live today ... Viennese female industrial workers tell about their lives. In the footsteps of K├Ąthe Leichter. (PDF-Download / 2018)
"Girls Go IT: Building the Future Workforce. Trends and Instruments that are Driving the Labour Market in Austria" (PDF-Download / 2017)
Men and Reconciliation of Work and Family: Supporting the Path to Gender Equal Distribution of Parental Leave and Working Time: Business Cases (PDF-Download / 2017)
Effectiveness of gener equitable measures in the field of MINT disciplines (mathematics, computer science, natural science, technology) (PDF-Download / 2017)
The eternal Pay Gap? A brief analysis (PDF-Download / 2016)