Good Practice of non-profit personell leasing for disabled persons

The present report documented the results of a study of the non-profit personell leasing projects which were financed by the BSB. Recently (in 2007) 5 non-profit personell leasing projects were ongoing:

– FAB Kapfenberg / Styria
– Netzwerk Arbeit Ansfelden / Upper Austria
– a-plus Dornbirn / Vorarlberg
– 0>Handicap St. Pölten / Lower Austria
– FAB Workabout Wr. Neustadt / Lower Austria

Face-to-Face interviews or telephone interviews with the project managers of the above mentioned projects have been conducted to create an insight of the work of the individual personell leasing projects. Furthermore, the project managers have been requested to identify recent as well as former temporary workers for the interviews. The nominees have also been questioned in telephone interviews. Furthermore, content related talks were held with the agency BB& I AKKUS Salzburg for reasons of contrast. Even though this project did not belong to the group of BSB-financed bodies, valuable details and inputs could be provided concerning some questions.

The analysis of the subsidies data, analysed by the research team, gave information on number and structure of temporary workers in the individual projects. Furthermore, information on the long-term disposition of temporary workers after expiration of the temporary employment relationship was gained through the evaluation of the longitudinal data of the social insurance agency. These results gave information on the degree in which non-profit personell leasing projects can take on a transit function regarding the first job market and on how the effects of measures can be judged regarding the sustainability in a longtime perspective. The synopsis of the findings provided the most important elements for identifying a Good Practice approach for non-profit personell leasing for disabled persons.

Topics: Diversity and Inclusion, Labour Market
Client: Federal Ministry of Social Affairs and Consumer Protection
Team: Andreas Riesenfelder, Barbara Willsberger, Ferdinand Lechner, Susanne Schmatz
Status: beendet
from: 2007 to: 2007