Evaluation of the Counselling and Care Facilities in Burgenland

Counselling and support services (BBEs) are to be seen as a complementary service of the AMS to help people with special support needs to overcome placement obstacles, such as addictions, compatibility problems or health problems.

The research project has the character of an evaluation and uses a multimethod approach consisting of secondary data analyses, literature analyses and qualitative interviews with AMS and BBE counsellors and RGS managers. The research results were elaborated within the frame-work of a qualitative interpretation and supplemented by conclusions and options for action.

The aim of the research results is to support the AMS Burgenland in the further development of a targeted and efficient cooperation with BBEs. Among other things, it was also shown whether there are regional differences or differences by type of BBEs with regard to efficiency.

Topics: Diversity and Inclusion, Education and Training, Gender, Labour Market
Tags: AMS, AMS-Maßnahme, Arbeitslosigkeit, BBE, Burgenland, Unterstützung
Client: Public Employment Office Burgenland
Team: Andreas Riesenfelder, Lisa Danzer
Status: beendet
from: 2021 to: 2022