Mag.a Nadja Bergmann

  • Function: Management

  • Studies: Degree in Sociology, Political sciences from the University of Vienna

  • Professional experience:
    1998-2000: Federal Ministry for Labour, Health and Social Affairs
    2000: Austrian Institute for Vocational Training Research
    since 2001: Member of the sientific staff of L&R Social Research
    since 2021: Co-Director of L&R Social Research

  • Main research areas: Labour Market, Gender, Social Issues, Digitalization, Sustainability

  • Contact:
    Pho.: +43 (1) 595 40 40 - 18
Recent Projects
ResilianceWorks - Measures to Prevent Radicalization and Increase the Resilience of Young People in Programs for Labour Market Integration
Double Fragility: The Care Crisis in the Corona Crisis
DigiTyps - De-stereotyping of Job Profiles and Training Concepts in the Digital Transformation
Living Conditions of People with Disabilities in Vienna
Parents@Work: Changing Perceptions!
Talk about IT! To Design Digitalisation Participatory: Gender-appropriate and Diverse
Hidden Technological Work: Looking for Service-4.0-Pioneers
European Social Fund (ESF)
More Women into the Technical Field, but How? Inspecting Initiatives to Raise the Share of Women in Technical Occupations
Women - Digitalisation - Options for Action
E-learning Under the 'Equality Glasses'
Company Survey as part of the "DigiUP4.0" Project
mobility4work. Mobility for the digitalized working environment
Equal opportunities for women with disabilities on the labour market. Obstacles - Challenges - Solutions
Change! Mobility Change in Minds - User-oriented Management of Transition Processes
Film-makers in Austria: Working Conditions and Health
Follow-up Evaluation of the 'Promotion 2.0' - VHS Learning Support at Schools of Vienna
Education Location Southwest Styria: Regional Optimization of the Job Orientation Process
Qualification Collaboration of the Digital Tourism Offensive Mürztal in Styria (DigiTOMürz)
Lecture on "Gender, Digitalisation, Labour Market" in the Context of the German-Chinese Symposium "Gender and Future of Work"
The EU Mutual Learning Programme in Gender Equality on Artificial Intelligence and Gender Biases in Recruitment and Selection Processes