Projects 2011

Completed Projects
Employment policy networking in the framework of the project Supra-regional employment initiative Vienna-Bratislava (2009-2011)
Labour force potential in Vienna social welfare (2011)
KOOP AT-RO: Cooperation on Labour Market Policy between Austria and Romania 2009-2011 (2009-2011)
Working poor – Reception of social welfare benefits along with earned income (2009-2011)
Qualification network Belgrade (2010-2011)
Qualification programme Vojvodina (2010-2011)
15 years of INTERREG/ETZ in Austria - Review and outlook: human resources, labour markets and migration (2010-2011)
Employment situation of people with a migrant background (2010-2011)
Evaluation of the Flexibility Counselling measure (2010-2011)
International Women's Day in the media from 1990 to 2010. Selective analysis of a selection of print media (2010-2011)
Status quo of the Austrian Production Schools (2010-2011)
Evaluation of Intercompany Vocational Training (ÜBA) (2010-2011)
Marginal part-time employment in Austria (2010-2011)
Tourism card as cross-border cooperation project between Austria and Slovenia (2009-2011)
Wage and social dumping (2010-2011)
Creating an online cross-border commuting brochure for the Austrian-German border region (2011)
Evaluation EURES (2010-2011)
Vienna commuters study (2010-2011)
Liberalisation (EU-8) of the Austrian labour market for the Austrian regions starting 1 May 2011 (2011)
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