Monitoring Evaluation of the Training Initiative for Working Women 2023 (2023-2024)

Since 2022, the "Training Initiative for Working Women" of the WAFF (Wiener Arbeitnehmer*innen Förderungsfonds - Viennese Employee Promotion Fund) has been promoting in-service higher education and retraining for women in degree programmes related to digitalisation, technology and sustainability. The focus is on 41 part-time degree programmes with a share of women below 50% at 4 Viennese universities of applied sciences (FH Campus Wien, FH Technikum Wien, FH BFI Wien and FH Wien des WKW).

The training initiative aims to promote sustainable and well-paid job opportunities for women, while at the same time contributing to addressing the need for skilled workers in promising sectors.

L&R Social Research was commissioned with an accompanying evaluation of the initiative. The various components - counselling, scholarships, financing of study places, pre-qualification, workshops, communication measures - as well as the question of reaching the target groups are to be reflected upon with regard to the implementation to date and possible optimisation or adaptation possibilities. For this purpose, a mix of methods will be used, consisting of own empirical surveys (quantitative surveys and interviews with experts) as well as literature and secondary data analyses.

Team: Nadja Bergmann, Katharina Aufhauser, Daniela Hosner

Client: Vienna Employment Fund (WAFF)

Status: running