The 'Digi-Winner' Promotion and Perspectives of the Continuing Education Market in Vienna (2021)

On behalf of AK Vienna and WAFF, L&R Social Research conducted a study entitled "The 'Digi-Winner' subsidy and prospects for the education market in Vienna". On the one hand, this involves an evaluation of the 'Digi-Winner' subsidy, on the other hand a general analysis of the developments and perspectives in the area of subsidized, digitization-specific education in Vienna. 

The study also takes a look at the digitalization push triggered by the Pandemic and analyzes the expected and necessary developments that have taken place in the Viennese education and training market.  

The support program "Digi-Winner" was evaluated from the perspective of the customers, the adaptation steps of the training providers were presented and the industry and occupational aspects in connection with training programs and digital skills were analyzed – all aspects with substantive focus on gender differences.

On a theoretical level, for example, the question was answered to what extend the conceptual framework of the “digital divide” can be used for the consideration of the target groups and what possible objectives for closing these digital divides can be.

On the empirical level, the study examined, among other things, who the Digi-Winner customers are, which occupational groups make use of the Digi-Winner, and which educational content is in particular demand.

Methodically, in addition to a structural data analysis of the previous customers, an online survey of both customers and training institutes were conducted, as well as a discussion with focus groups from both parties. 

The aim of the study is to present the experiences, motives and training behavior of Digi-Winner customers (including the changes caused by Covid). In particular, the potential and demand for women-specific offerings and other specific offerings for the transfer of digital skills were addressed. Likewise, the offers and benefits of the training providers were presented, as well as the elaboration and solution approaches of possible "digital divides". 

This knowledge can then be used to better address the support needs of employees in Austria. 

Team: Nadja Bergmann, Andreas Riesenfelder, Lisa Danzer, Lucas Meyer

Client: Vienna Chamber of Labour and Vienna Employees' Development Fund (waff)

Status: finished