Women - Digitalisation - Options for Action (2020-2021)

In a constantly digitalising society, all areas of life are subject to broad changes. Whether these changes can be interpreted as an opportunity from a gender equality perspective is the subject of - sometimes controversial - discussions. There is general agreement that digitalisation processes can only contribute to a gender-equitable distribution of resources and options if women are actively involved in shaping digital change processes.

The study "Women - Digitalisation - Options for Action", funded by the Women's Department of the City of Vienna (MA57), addresses this need and surveys Viennese women aged 16 to 64 on various digitial-isation-related topics. The focus of the study is:


  • Recording the status quo with regard to the equipment with digital technologies, digital skills and the perception of changes specific to digitalisation
  • Collection of wishes, needs and perspectives for a more gender-equitable distribution of design options from and through digitialisation
  • The derivation of options for action for a gender-equitable digitalisation processes


The focus is on the areas of work 4.0, education 4.0, communication 4.0 and digital space and gender roles 4.0.

Team: Nadja Bergmann, Katharina Aufhauser, Lisa Danzer, Petra Wetzel

Status: running