Qualification Collaboration of the Digital Tourism Offensive Mürztal in Styria (DigiTOMürz) (2019-2020)

Most sectors are facing radical changes due to the progressive digitalisation - including the tourism industry. Whereas up to now only big enterprises and new providers, who counted on digital possibilities from the beginning, were able to unfold considerable growth potential, SMEs are threaten to be 'overrunned'. Especially in structurally weak areas no overall concepts for tourism concerning digitalisation and no qualification offers for this purpose do exist. This is exactly how the initial situation in Mürztal (Styria) can be characterised.

Aim of the project is to work out a digitalisation strategy for the tourism industry as a basis for qualification offers for employees of small touristic enterprises.

The project is conducted in cooperation with FH JOANNEUM GmbH.

Team: Nadja Bergmann, Barbara Willsberger

Status: running