Evaluation of the consultancy and support of rehabilitation customers in the PES Carinthia (Research, 2017-2018)

Specialists from the Public Employment Service (PES) Carinthia are used to advise, support and promote rehab customers in order to bundle the competences and to set the most suitable support and promotion measures for the customers. In 2017, the PES Carinthia had about 4,300 persons with health restrictions. Approximately 1,300 persons of these were supervised by rehab counsellors, about 3,000 persons in the counselling zones.

The aim of the study at hand was the comprehensive evaluation of this specific rehab counselling in the PES Carinthia. The results served the PES Carinthia as a basis for the most suitable organisational form and the optimal use of resources.

The research project itself had the character of an evaluation and used a multi-method approach consisting of structural data analyses, a representative survey of customers, a qualitative survey of PES employees and other relevant players, as well as an impact and efficiency analysis. The research results were elaborated within the framework of a qualitative interpretation and supplemented by conclusions and options for action.

The project was conducted by L&R Social Research together with the Institute for Applied Social Research and Consulting abif - analysis. consulting. interdisciplinary research.

Team: Andreas Riesenfelder, Lisa Danzer, Ferdinand Lechner

External Team: Andrea Egger-Subotitsch, Claudia Liebeswar

Client: Public Employment Office Carinthia

Status: finished