Gr├╝nderzeit for Tomorrow - innovative modernisation of Gr├╝nderzeit-buildings (Research, 2009-2012)

With the technology program "Building of Tomorrow", the Ministery for Transport, Innovation and Technology pushed energy-efficient building and promoted various model projects. Within this program line, the project "Gründerzeit for Tomorrow" dealt with the technical, economical, legislative and also social problems arising throughout a process of renovation and modernisation of Gründerzeit-buildings, respectively by analysing and monitoring several demonstration obejcts. The target was to point out ways, how these challenges can be met. 

A goal of the subproject with L&R involved, was an analysis of the support given to the tenants by the property management, the planners and the construction management. It had to be assumed, that well organized information and support of the tenants before and throughout the process of renovation contributes to a better contentment with the housing conditions. The project was meant to identify weaknesses and potentials for optimation within this social process by conducting interviews with tenants.

Team: Petra Wetzel

External Team: Susanne Schmatz

Client: Havel & Havel Consulting

Status: finished