Digitalisation as an Opportunity for Upgrading? Wages up in Women's Industries!

After an input by Prof. Dr. Aysel Yollu-Tok on the third equality report of the German Federal Government with the topic "Designing digitalisation in a gender-just way", the study authors Nadja Bergmann, Nicolas Pretterhofer (both L&R Social Research), Janis Lena Meißner (TU Vienna) together with Julia Ilger and Michael Gogola (both GPA) discussed possibilities for upgrading low-paid occupational groups in which mainly women are employed. What potential does digitalisation bring with it? Which actors need to work together to achieve this? The workshop was made possible by the Department of Women and Family and the Office for Digital Agendas of the Vienna Chamber of Labour.

Click here for the research report on the study "Hidden technological work: In search of the service 4.0 pioneers".

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