Sexism in everyday life: attitudes and experiences in Tyrol


Sexism encompasses a broad spectrum of disadvantages, devaluations, violations and oppressions of a person or a group on the basis of gender. In the summer of 2020, the Tyrolean Parliament decided to commission a study on the topic of "Sexism in everyday life - perception and manifestations in Tyrol", from which measures to improve the situation are to be derived.

We were conducting a survey on this topic in which everyone who lives, works and/or trains in Tyrol can participate. The aim is to get as broad a picture as possible of how this topic is perceived and what experiences there are with it.

We wanted to know: What is your opinion on the topic of sexism? Have you had experiences with sexism in everyday life? Do you perceive disadvantages or discrimination based on gender? Or is it not an issue for you?

In total, 1080 persons participated in the study. 

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