Login Instead of Logout - Focus on Mature Workforce and Digitalisation (2021-2022)

The demographic change towards an increasingly older working population and the acute shortage of skilled workers closely linked to it are currently posing great challenges to the Austrian labour market. Against the background of the under-utilisation of the potential of older workers (45+), the project "Login instead of Logout – Focus on older workers and digitalisation" project deals with the opportunities and risks of digitalisation for older workers on the labour market.

The analysis focuses on the survey of existing support measures in order to identify possible gaps in the training approaches for older employees on the one hand and to develop new or adapted generation-sensitive measures on the other. In this context, the potential of tried and tested digitisation measures for older workers must be determined in order to contribute to the optimal teaching of digital (basic) skills and the further training of older employees.

Furthermore, the creation of age-independent workplaces and the sensitisation of relevant actors with regard to the needs of older workers are among the necessary framework conditions for the sustainable integration of older workers in the company.

The following multi-method approaches are used in the study:

  • Literature research
  • Interviews with relevant experts from business and education
  • Focus groups with relevant stakeholders in companies


This study was funded by the European Social Fund and the Federal Ministry of Labor and Economics.


Team: Nadja Bergmann, Daniela Hosner, Nicolas Pretterhofer

Client: Federal Ministry of Labour

Status: finished