Reconciling Work & Caring Responsibilities Among Film and Music Professionals: Status Quo and Perspectives for Action (2021-2022)

Work-life balance is often a very big challenge for film and music professionals.

We want to take a closer look within the framework of the project: What are the experiences of film and music professionals in balancing work and private life? How are care responsibilities for children, for relatives in need of care, etc. organised? What effects did previous or current care responsibilities have on everyday professional life and career prospects in the film or music sector? What ideas are there for a better organisation of compatibility?

The aim of the project is to develop basic knowledge and initial implementation steps for measures for a better work-life balance based on the results of an online survey, interviews with film and music professionals and interviews with experts.

L&R Social Research was conducting the project in cooperation with FilmFatal and FC Gloria.

The project was supported by

  • the Vienna Chamber of Labour,
  • the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber, Film and Music Industry,
  • the VdFS - Verwertungsgesellschaft der Filmschaffenden (society for the exploitation of films) and
  • the ÖFI - Austrian Film Institute

Team: Katharina Aufhauser, Petra Wetzel, Claudia Sorger

Client: FilmFatal

Status: finished