DIGI-O: Offensive for New Work through Digitization in the Austrian-Hungarian Border Region (2021)

Covid-19 has massively changed the world of work and digital work is becoming more and more central. Many companies and their employees are facing new challenges due to new qualifications and technical requirements. Previous studies on digitalisation have shown that employees, works councils and managers often lack the necessary knowledge to implement digital strategies and that employees are hardly involved. This is exactly where the DIGI-O project comes in with the following goal: We want to increase the knowledge of the target groups on the topic of digitalisation, develop and test participative approaches for the implementation of digitalisation strategies in order to support digitalisation processes in companies in the Austrian-Hungarian project area.

In order to achieve this goal, a well-founded analysis of the working world 4.0 was carried out in advance - also due to the strongly changing conditions in the course of the COVID-19 pandemic - in order to support labour market actors and companies in planning future measures and strategies.

Based on this, participatory consultations on the implementation of digital strategies were carried out in companies in order to derive measures and strategies for labour market actors and companies and to sustainably increase the degree of digitalisation. The results will be presented at the final event on 6 December 2022 (see download programme and registration).

Another overarching project goal was to strengthen cross-border cooperation between trade unions and labour market actors within the framework of a network to be established on working with digitalisation.

Update: The results of the study are available online! We have analysed the results from an online survey of companies as well as from qualitative interviews with 56 employees, works council members and managers from companies in the Austrian-Hungarian border region. There are many exciting results, which you can find here (see download below). 

For more information on the project, please visit the project website.

This project was co-financed by the Federal Ministry of Labour and Economic Affairs. 

Team: Barbara Willsberger, Nicolas Pretterhofer, Daniela Hosner

External Team: Helga Reichert

Client: Interreg Austria-Hungary

Status: finished